Top Reasons Why Companies Should Have a Mobile Presence

A recent study performed by Neilson showed that smart phone internet usage is growing at a rate of 30% each year. By the year 2013 it is estimated that the number of mobile internet users will be 134 million in the United States. This number is up from the 73.7 million mobile internet users that were reported in 2009. With the numbers increasing each year it has become more beneficial for companies to develop to develop mobile phone ready websites that will allow customers the ability to access their site from anywhere. Below are some of the reasons why it may benefit your company to become smart phone accessible.

  • Google has created a separate index designed for mobile friendly websites. Many companies are familiar with the ways in which to increase their Google page rankings, but now with the development of a mobile content index your company will need to create mobile content in order to become ranked in this new area. The chances of your website achieving a high page rank will be much easier if you take advantage of this new development and create content that can me ranked using this new index.
  • Consumer mobile web use continues to increase daily. Reports have shown that one out of every five Americans uses their cell phone web browser at least once a day. This number will only continue to grow as more and more people purchase smart phones. This is an opportunity for companies to connect with millions of cell phone users.
  • Land line use is down. More and more households today are using their cell phones as their primary number. Statistics show that 20% of all households in the United States use only their mobile phones instead of land lines. These numbers show that with land line use down, more people will become dependent on the internet access that their cell phones offer.
  • People aren’t just using their cell phones to make call any more. In 2009 $1.6 billion worth of products were ordered by consumers using their cell phones. These numbers show that more and more consumers are becoming confortable shopping via their smart phones. This is opening up a new avenue for companies to benefit from eCommerce.
  • Studies are estimating that mobile marketing and advertising will grow to $3 billion by the year 2012. How much money companies spend on advertising is a good indicator of where companies are headed. These numbers also show that with the increase in numbers more companies are focusing their advertising on cell phone marketing.

Many of the larger retail stores have started to recognize the importance of using cell phone marketing to their advantage. Many retail stores and restaurants offer the customer the opportunity to provide their cell phone information in order to receive special deals and coupons. Cell phones are opening up a new and innovative way for companies to reach out to their customers. It has never been as easy as it is now to access a website from anywhere.

Blue Tangerine Solutions believes that a mobile Website is an important part of your company’s online marketing strategy. Join us on March 15, 2012, as Greg Bray, President of Blue Tangerine Solutions, presents a free online Webinar titled “Understanding Web 3.0: Going Local and Mobile”. This presentation will provide an introduction to business owners and marketing managers who are interested in learning more about how and why they need to have a mobile optimize Website strategy.

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Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing is one of the least expensive methods of advertising currently available.  Pay per click marketing was developed as a way for search engines to generate revenue and has taken on a life of its own in recent years.  Companies around the world are utilizing the benefits of pay per click marketing as a cost-effective way to advertise their company and services.  Not only is this method beneficial for companies looking to spread the word about their company, it also provides millions of internet users a source for extra income.

Pay per click marketing was first developed and used in 1998 by a company that would become part of Yahoo!  Today, Google, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo! Remain on top in the pay per click advertising market; while many other search engines feature pay per click marketing on their websites they haven’t been able to take down the top three.  Pay per click is a relatively inexpensive way to market your business and increase the flow of traffic to your website.

Many of the top rated search engines commonly use bidding as their method of pay per click advertising.  This is achieved by having an advertiser submit its advertisement along with a list of carefully selected keywords.  And advertiser will then decide on an amount that they are willing to pay per click.  Many people are familiar with these types of advertisements as they commonly appear on the top or sides of search results.  They are commonly labeled as a sponsored link or sponsored advertisement.

Pay per click marketing is not only designated to search engines, many companies are discovering new markets such as content websites that will help improve their pay per click revenue.  To get listed on a content site the pay per click advertisers will typically be charged a flat fee per click instead of the common bidding system that is used among search engines.  This fee is charged per unique click on their advertisement.  A unique click refers to one click per user and helps reduce costs that may arise from the same user clicking an advertisement multiple times throughout the day.

The cost of pay per click marketing varies among websites and popular search engines.  Search engines will commonly base their fee on how much information is already present on the search engine and produced in their search results.  Content websites tend to charge a flat fee based on the size of the advertisement, the included content and the placement of the ad.  If you choose a page that experiences high traffic flow your fee will typically be higher than if you had chosen a lower viewed page.

There are many benefits associated with pay per click marketing, an increase in traffic flow and becoming recognized are only a few of the most favorable.  If your company is looking for a new way to market the services being offered you should consider using pay per click marketing.

Blue Tangerine Solutions believes that pay per click marketing is an important part of your company’s online marketing strategy.  We have incorporated it as a key element of our Search Engine Traffic Builder packages.  Join us on February 15, 2012, as Greg Bray, President of Blue Tangerine Solutions, presents a free online Webinar titled “Pay Per Click Marketing 101″.  This presentation will provide a terrific introduction to business owners and marketing managers who are interested in learning more about this powerful online marketing tool.

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Greg Bray to speak at 2011 Dallas Build Expo

Greg Bray, President of Blue Tangerine Solutions, has been invited to make two presentations at the Dallas Build Expo.  The show will be held December 7 and 8, 2011, at the Dallas Convention Center.  The presentations will center on Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click marketing strategies.

The show offers seminars and workshops covering all types of topics, such as sales, marketing, construction management, green building, construction technology, and much more.  If you are in the Dallas area, please be sure to stop by and say Hi.  Also don’t forget to ask about the Show Special!

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Upcoming Webinar: Get Them to Click! Tips for Advertising Your Homes & Communities on Trulia and Other Real Estate Websites

Thursday, April 28, 2011 – 1:00 PM Eastern

We all know that home buyers are doing research online, but did you know that Trulia and the other top three national real estate listing sites together get over 90 Million visits per month?  (Hitwise, March 2011 –,,, Yahoo Real Estate)  That’s a lot of home buyers!

One of the best things about Trulia and these other national websites is that they have a captive audience.  We know that the users are interested in real estate because there is nothing else to do on these sites but look for homes and research real estate.    

But how engaged are these users?  We know that Trulia users spend an average of 15 minutes per visit.  Are these home buyers finding your communities in their search?

Join us on Thursday, April 28th at 1pm Eastern Time for tips on how to market your homes and communities to engaged home buyers online.  

With over 10 years experience working in technology and consumer online services, Tice Burke has spent the past three years helping brokers and new home builders navigate the online space. Tice has launched and runs interactive marketing programs on for brokers and builders of all sizes, in order to help them reach home buyers online.  After earning her Bachelors degree from Princeton University, Tice lived in San Francisco for 10 years and now resides in New York City.

The Webinar is free, but seating is limited.  Register Today!

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